Dialogues, for the moment

Everyday from 2 to 3pm, we will have a series of itinerant conversations all around the festival spaces. Join us while Nina Czegledy and Gívan Belá guide us through some of core topics of TIK.


Media writing, listening to publications

Presentation of the TIK publishing attempt to combine different media, to document and represent the making of the TIK artworks. Does it make sense to reinvent publishing today, from both an ecological and media art perspective, based on collaborative and participative issues?
with Nina Czegledy, Gívan Belá, Radka Tomašíková, Ellen Røed.

The future of alternative and ecological time

Inspired by Raymond Roussel’s concept of l’horloge a vent, a new physical interpretation of time was introduced, with the aim of sharing information about the environment. followed by a discussion about the WindClocks on display, the creative use of new technological systems and their sensibilities.
with Akihiro Kubota, Peter Courtemanche, Isjtar, Marcio Domingues.


Connected open greens as creative systems

Are databases artworks or merely tools, managing materials for a new kind of art? A closer look at the making and use of the connected open green database, with a wink at its future use. In addition, the concept of ALOTOF (A laboratory on the open fields) will be discussed.
with: Annemie Maes, Danielle Roberts, Balthazar de Tonnac.


Aesthetics in the context of ecological media art

A sort of a roundup, bringing together the different technical, artistic, social and political insights that we have acquired over the last years, working together in the same project, trying to see what new or obsolete ideas we were dragging along, ending with a big question mark: what is the role of aestetics in ecology, and what is ecology for media art?
with Golo Föllmer, Gert Aertsen, Stefan Doepner

Moderators: Nina Czegledy and Gívan Belá

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