Nothing New starts on Friday

by Kyd Campbell and Elena Veljanovska. workshop

Frontierlab’s NOTHING NEW nomadic workshop is open to you in Brussels from May 11th-13th! Each day we will explore a different topic. In the first part of the day we will create and talk critically about diy and eco design and later we will hold a technical workshop. Come alone, or with your friends and family! All tools and materials will be on-site, but you can also help us by collecting and bringing some.


egg cartons + empty egg shells that are broken in half (still like a cup)
tiny containers and jars that have lids- plastic drink bottles, with the lids
glass bottles or jars that have no deposit (any size that is round)
seeds to plant
young plants
plant essential oils and essences that you like
wooden shipping pallets
bits of fabric
wear your working clothes

Friday May 11th
13:00-21:00 workshop open!
15:00-18:00 NOTHING NEW session 1 : learn the mystery of how to cut glass bottles!

Saturday May 12th
13:00-22:00 workshop open!
15:00-18:00 NOTHING NEW session 2 : vertical gardening:, DIY plastic bottle hydroponics and more!

Sunday May 13th
13:00-18:00 workshop open!
15:00-18:00 NOTHING NEW session 3 : home-made natural cosmetics lab

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