The Raw and the Cooked

Saturday 12th, 15 to 17h

The Raw and the Cooked is a round table discussion on the MarketPlace about city agriculture and ecological art. We discuss different approaches as well as the commitment of the artist in the social and the artistic.

Everyone is invited to participate!

With: City mine(d) [water sustainability], Filippo Dattola [Albertina Potager-toit Project], Aurelie Desmet [temporary zones in the city], Barbara Van Dyck [food sovereignty], Annemie Maes [Connected OpenGreens], Nadine and Frontierlab [vertical gardening], Centre d’ecologie urbaine [urban agriculture], Stefan Doepner [technology, gardening and communities], Lorena Lozano [Ecolabs], Andy Vandevyvere [trage wegen vzw], Cascoland [interventions in public space], Lenka Dolanova [On a Different Soil], Luea Ritter [creative cooking], and many other participants…
Moderators: Lenka Dolanová and Annemie Maes

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