OpenGreens-walk Graz/Brussels:

a mapping by Nathalie Hunter and Reni Hofmüller. participative installation

The starting point is a walk that was organized last March in Graz, Austria. This walk is superposed on new walks through Brussels during the festival. The artists explore, monitor and archive the OpenGreens on their trajectories throughout the city. Cityscapes, street views, botanical drawings and different perspectives express a multitude of experiences. A shared wall map is started on May 9-10. Feel invited to draw your part of the walk/map.

“This is the map of greyfields in Graz, superimposed on the map of Brussels.”

“I have been making maps already for a long time, also maps of places where I’ve never been, imaginary maps, finding information through the internet. Then I start to connect all these ideas and start drawing.
People participate in the bike tour, and then they can add the plants they will take, or draw something they will see. I wanted to combine different ways of viewing things, there are different kinds of perspective in the drawing. Also, the plants are sometimes bigger than buildings.”

“You can find very important plants in the city, medicinal or edible, coming more in contact with nature I realize, that nature is omnipresent also in the cities.”

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