GRAB TIME – Network and programming workshop

OKNO, January 24, 2011 2 – January 29, 2011

COL-ME, in cooperation with OKNO organized the workshop ‘Network and Programming’ at OKNOs place in Brussels, where the Windtime protocol was finally made concrete. The Windtime protocol is what we connect our WindClocks to and  forms the new time that is the basis of TIK developments.

This workshop focused on wind clock internet protocol; the technical and creative building of protocol for connecting different custom wind time zone software and setting the specifications for server application that can be accessed by all partners and publicly, so that generated Eco Time data can be used for creating artworks. Our aim is to bring the movement of the wind finally into a virtual sense-giving form for ourselves and to the rest of the world.

We developed protocols of standard osc and xmpp messages software, implementations for drupal, firefox and some stand-alone applications. These applications provided connective tools for the following steps of the project. They  enabled us to access data collected from wind clocks in digital format, to be used for creation, such as generative artworks.

Erwan Queffelec had been working on the protocol and presented it, while Geraldo Kogler made front-end tools to make WindTime more concrete.

The Windclocks were developed during the workshop in Korcula (HR), end of September at Grey)(Area – our associated partners.

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