PAD.MA – short for Public Access Digital Media Archive – is an online archive for text-annotated video material. The project is initiated and developed by a group consisting of from Berlin (associated partner in the TIK project), the Alternative Law Forum from Bangalore, and Chitrakarkhana/CAMP from Bombay.


PAD.MA intends to present primarily footage and not finished films. The collection will be searchable and viewable online, and is free to download for non- commercial use.
We see PAD.MA as a way of opening up a set of images, intentions and effects present in video footage, resources that conventions of video- making, editing and spectatorship have tended to suppress, or leave behind. This expanded treatment then points to other, political potentials for such material, and leads us into lesser-known territory for video itself… beyond the finite documentary film or the online video clip.

The design of the archive makes possible various types of “viewing”, and contextualisation: from an overview of themes and timelines to much closer readings of transcribed dialogue and geographical locations, to layers of “writing” on top of the image material. Descriptions, keywords and other annotations have been placed on timelines by both archive contributors and users.

It was especially adapted for Time Inventors’ Kabinet, and extended for sound. Video segments and annotations can be referenced and played back in the project’s wiki. Padma was used extensively for instant documentation, as well as for a creative writing with media workshop, Writing Tiks.

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