Brussels, February 14, 2011 — February 18, 2011

conducted by Olivier Meunier and Wilem Novak
participants : Isjtar, Marcio, Juego, Els van Riel, Annemie Maes
The workshop was conducted with a general view on the project, trying to help punctual project into a larger view. apart from initial ideas that where dismissed. We conducted a review of some visualization ideas and worked to advance them on the first practical level. Unfortunately, the TIK-TAK server and windclocks were not working at the time of the workshop, so no real experiment with that part of the work-flow was possible.
So we concentrated on other technical problems relative to the specific projects we had at hand.

output :

a modification of the Processing sketch communicating with the server, adding OSC and UDP output of the tiks for easier handling with other tools (the python implementation of the PubSub system is too vague for us to tackle with.)

a tik clock app. working on android platform from a processing sketch : a clock disynchronized by tiks









a prototype of a tiks controlled “sun” showing through the window : the light of a virtual sun is coming in and move according to tiks

a larger “agent” system is build from tiks pulses, allowing virtual creatures to crawl on a ground they carve as they move pushed by tik time.
this larger project is actualy only the combination of different approach on the idea. More work is needed to make it a collaborative work or singular iterations.

a garden database scanned with the tik pulses, allowing to discover the grow of plants

a virtual garden space showing the growth of real plants and integrating virtual ones feeding from tiks

a system of screens moved by the wind from a remote place

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