HEAR TIME – Windclock Audio Workshop

Graz, April 4, 2011 – April 8, 2011

The 2 part workshop is a connection point for the ESC and OKNO associated Time Inventors who are working with audio. By attaching the windtime sensors and clock devices built in the past workshops to music software, partners, experts and sound artists will collaborate to explore forms of complexity that can be used to animate electronic music.

Part 1: Software focus presented by the OKNO team
Part 2: Microcontroller focus presented by the ESC team.

The group will make prototypes of musically engaging generative pieces and look for ways of playing together synchronized to the clocks with a focus on finding patterns in the streams of data that are aesthetically and conceptually significant. Experiments during this week will take place in the labs and outside in the OpenGreens.

Following the workshop artist from the labs will remain in contact towards the goal of an audio compilation, released on the OKNO.hz netlabel.

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