padma workshop

November 22, 2010 — November 26, 2010

The TIK project uses the experimental online media database as a core tool for documenting the project. In this workshop the developers (Jan Gerber, Sebastian Luettgert and Sanjay Bhangar) were present. We are making a program that will appeal to both the technical artists who are involved in the set up and further development of the program, and the users throughout the project. In fact the goal of this week was to come to a general use of for timebased audiovisual material, and more specifically to hook it up in the rest of the tools we are using to realize TIK creatively.

The workshop was preceded by writing TIKS, a 3-day workshop on creative media writing, on 17-19 November.
At the end of the workshop, the first Ecotime conference “Conferencing about the future TIK conferences” was held on 26th November.

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