breathing_time is a networked performance that is part of the Time Inventors’ Kabinet Festival for ecological time and art and will be performed twice.The piece premieres on Friday 11th of May.
In this performance the breath data of five participants located on separate
locations will provide input for images and sound. A custom device the
‘breathCatcher’ collects the breath data of every participant and sends it
over the internet to a server. The ‘drawingBreath’ software collects all
this data and transforms it into a life animation with sound.
Will these five participants influence each others’ breathing patterns over
a distance and create a collective rhythm?

Friday 11-5-12 om 19u
Saturday 12-5-12 om 19u

Sound: Richard van Bemmelen; Participants: Adriana Osorio, Lorenzo Brandli,
Mieke van den Hende, Tomoko Baba; Also made possible by the sensor platform:

“What you see in the space is an animated drawing, representing the breathing of 5 people, of previous performances. On the desk you see also the breath catcher, the wearable sensor capturing data of breathing, from which I have made five different pieces. This installation and also the performance later on, is all about the awareness of your own breath. I am very much aware of my breath, and because I do a lot of meditation I breath very slowly. It was like an assignment: let’s enjoy breathing and be aware of it and let’s see what we can make together.”

“With technology you realize things that you can never do in real life, like people in different locations experiencing their breath. On a more abstract level it is about connecting and creating something new together that wouldn’t be possible before.”

“One of the aspects of using this modular construction model is that you already start by creating something which is intended to be re-used. A lot of what I build is not lost. The second rule of thumb is to use recycled material – most of it is recyclable. The wood is produced completely in an ecological way, but it is industrially produced and it comes from New Zealand. But it is treated in such a way that it does not rot, it lasts very long. The whole procedure of creating wood is ‘cradle to cradle’, so nothing gets lost. So it is also the way of thinking how to produce the wood ecologically in an industrial way. I am not using the local wood from Belgium which will rot anyway, and I believe this will last much longer.”

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