MAY 2011
Contacting Reni, Isjtar, Barb, organising meetings and planing building trip to Bruessels.
Trying out materials that can be used as analog sensors outdoors. Conductive thread, fabric, ink, graphite, etc.

JUNE 2011
Building a wodden Wind Clock based on the leonardo model (Setting: 30 – 60 – 500).

7.6. 2011 Meeting Reni

tinkering with velotex:
Velotex is a cheap material you can order on http://www.plugandwear.com/
and http://www.lessemf.com/

Velotex is resistive, with a decreasing resistance if bended or pressed. It therefore would work well as a cheap, sustainable and waterproof bend sensor.

Try to build a fabric bend sensor that’s water proof. Have been lazor cutting conductive fabric, worked well. (same setting as “leather”)

8.6.2011 Accelerameter

trying out more sensors
I lazorcutted two more wodden leonardo clocks in order to mount three different sensors.
It was 6,50 EUR for two clocks. Plus twice 5,20 EUR for the material.

Now I try to assemble the two new clocks and think about better measurement systems (e.g. infrared-light-sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, etc..)
Or maybe simpler and easier and cheaper ways of measuring as e.g. just adding a potentiometer at the top of the moving part in the clock.

Maybe cut something from an old plastic foil in a way that you can fold it like origami and use it as a wind sail.


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