COMING UP: OpenGreen Bike tour & Mapping

This walk is meant to find urban voids and spaces which are only temporarily unused. We will collect memories, objects, plants and impressions. All this info will be added to the shared wall map as part of the festival exhibition.

Friday 11th at 15h

•    We’ll be leaving from the TIK Market Place (inner yard) at OKNO with our bikes. The Market Place is the main point for arrival and departure of all activities.
•    You need to bring your own bike! If you don’t have one with you you can rent the city bikes for a day or more ( These are the nearest stations to OKNO.

Make sure to arrange the subscription well in advance, it might take a while to get your day pass at the bike stations. You can choose between 1 day pass (1.50€) or a 7-day pass (7€). Click here to get all the info about subscriptions and renting the city bikes.

•    The tour is three hours so we will provide a small snack to have on the way.
•    We will also collect wild plants and herbs to bring back to the festival site. We will later prepare something with what we’ve got.
•    A map of the tour will be drawn and all the objects that we’ve collected on the way can be added to the map once we’re back.
•    The shared wall map will be started on the 9th-10th May, feel free to draw you’re own part!

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