How to choose good martech apps?

Today, there’s around 7,000 solutions in the field of marketing technologies (aka “martech”) with each promising enormous benefits and growth opportunities. And this might as well be true, but the best way to choose good martech solutions isn’t about analysing their promises and comparing them against the other offerings on the market. It’s about establishing your own strategy first. 

Good process to choose new solutions to deploy

First, make sure you have a good underlying marketing strategy which identifies the ways for drawing leads, managing relations with your customers and analyzing the data your generate. 

Second, you should determine the lowest-hanging fruits in your business. Be it CRM or content creation or social interactions. Now you can go and look for those martech solutions that promise to bring benefits in these specific niches of your business contours. 

Third, look into alternatives for the fields where you want to improve. Pay close to AI-empowered solutions that are starting to pop up all over the place thanks to major advances in machine learning and narrow artificial intelligence.

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