Getting More SENuke Content Indexed

If you’ve ever used SENuke, you know that spinning is the most time consuming part. It’s boring and is actually quite hard to do well. Computers can do it, but most of the time it makes little sense and is unreadable. There are four types of spinning strategies you need to consider. Those are: html formatting, spun words/sentences, paragraphs and randomness. Capital I’s are the pipe symbol.

Most importantly is to spin individual sentences and words. Every sentence has to be spun with at least two variations. This is a good spun sentence: [SENuke is a very powerful program for SEOIIf you want a good SEO Software, try SENuke]. Phrases and words within the spun sentences should also be spun. This is an example: SENuke is very [powerfulIawesomeIcool] software.

The number of paragraphs is very important. Approximately 2-6 paragraphs is good. Put this code at certain places in your article, [ I]. (Remove the unnecessary spaces). Put this code at about four random places in your article. SeNuke Video Training

If you use random html formats, it’s a great way to increase randomness. This is things such as bold, underlined, italics, bullets, etc. If you search for simple html on Google, you can find more. Here are some usage examples: [ Hi There!I

What’s up?

(Remove the unnecessary spaces). When used correctly, this can make your article or post much more unique.
The last way to make it even more unique is to be random. Make sure that all of your posts don’t have the exact same word count and aren’t linking to the same place. To do this you need to use the spintax to make certain sentences only appear some of the time. Also make sure that you have your spun sentences in a different sentence structure. This will make more of your submissions get indexed. Thanks for reading and I hope you succeed with senuke. Free SENuke Training

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